Hypervolt vs Theragun – Which one is best massage gun?

If you ask me what are the best brands for handheld massagers, then my answer will be Hypervolt and Theragun. They come with amazing hand massagers that will provide you with an effective and relaxing massage. But which is the best one among them?

To find the answer, you have to know what each of them offers. So, here we are with a detailed review to help you find the right handheld massager for yourself. This Hypervolt vs Theragun review will tell you about the features, functionality, and good and bad sides of the massagers. So, let’s begin.

Hypervolt Massager Review

Relax sore and stiff muscles with the Hypervolt Massager efficiently. It comes with three-speed ranges and works at a low noise level. This massager works great for people with a small and large build.

The massager helps in improving circulation, accelerates warmup and recovery, and relieves soreness and stiffness. It includes some other beneficial features that make it purchase-worthy. Let’s see what are they-


The cordless massager is around 2.5lbs and comes with a handle, which is made with synthetic material. It allows you to hold the handle conveniently and makes it quite comfortable. You won’t feel pain in your hand or arms as this massager reduces strain and increases comfort.

With the 5 interchangeable head attachments included in the massager, you can get soft or impactful massages easily.

Quiet Glide Technology

The built-in patented Quiet Glide technology in the massager helps in reducing soreness and loosening tight muscles. In collaboration with aerospace engineers, this unique technology was developed to deliver a perfect combination of performance, power, and variability.

Also, it provides such a powerful performance with low noise, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Speed Ranges

The body of one differs from another, also the body parts need massages in different variations of power and speed. The massager comes with 3-speed settings that allow you to enjoy massages with variable speeds. It provides up to 3200 PPMs of pressure.

The level one massage speed is perfect for those who have low muscle development, like young and older people. Level two offers moderate pressure, while the highest Level three is great for hips, glutes, and well-developed muscle areas.

Battery Life

This TSA approved massager comes with a Lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 3 hours on a single charge. So you don’t need extra batteries as this single battery will work for weeks without any recharge.


It includes four interchangeable attachment heads: bullet tip, flat tip, fork tip, and round tip. The flat tip attachment is best for calves, hips, and quads areas. And the fork tip is used on the muscles around the spine.

You can easily change the attachments without any hassle. It doesn’t come with a carrying bag, which is quite a disadvantage.


  • Lightweight massager.
  • Features 3 variable speeds.
  • Operates quietly.
  • Includes 4 interchangeable attachments.
  • Works up to 3-hours at a single charge.


  • A carrying case not included.
  • Gripping the handle for a long time can strain your hand.

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Theragun PRO Review

The commercial-grade and powerful Theragun PRO Muscle Treatment Massage gun, designed by Dr. Jason Wersland, is used for recovery, deep muscle treatment, and pain relief. It offers unparalleled durability, maximum comfort, and excellent treatment.

This personalized massager comes with some unique features to give you the finest percussion massage. Let’s see what are they:


The Theragun PRO massager is designed ergonomically, which makes it easy and comfortable to use. The triangular handle of the massager can be held in many ways with one hand, and you won’t feel any kind of strain or discomfort on your hands while holding it.

There is a rotating arm that changes into 4 different positions to make it easier for you to reach the various areas of your body. Thanks to this feature, you can get a nice back massage without anybody’s help.

It also comes with six attachments in different shapes. Each attachment is made to give various impactful massage on the specific areas of the body.

Speed Range

The massager comes with 5 speeds, which can be changed easily using the Therabody app. You can access any increment from 1750 to 2400 PPMs with the help of the app. The 1750 PPM speed is the level one speed, best for low muscle density areas or people with slight builds.

And the highest speed 2400 PPMs provides a powerful and intense massage, great for people with a muscular body. The other speed ranges are 1900, 2100, and 2200 PPMs. There is an OLED screen with the massager that shows the current speed and responsive force meter.

QuietForce and Smart App Technology

Even though the massager comes with a professional-grade brushless motor, the operating sound will be quiet as like an electric toothbrush. The QuietForce technology offers a 60lbs force to give you a deep massage while being quiet.

Moreover, you can connect the massager to your smartphone via Bluetooth to change the speed, measure the force, track the sessions, and follow the guides.

Plus, there is a wireless charger with the massager. This is quite a unique and advanced technology, which is not available in other competitor massagers.

Battery Life

The massager comes with two lithium batteries, which are rechargeable and each can be used for up to 150 minutes per charge, so you get 300-minutes battery life. Each of the batteries can be used for 5-hours continuously, you can use one while charging another one.

Accessories Included

You get a protective carrying case, which makes transporting the massager quite convenient. There are also 6 attachment heads for a powerful and soft massage. The supersoft, dampener, standard ball, wedge attachment heads offer low power massage to sensitive areas.

Whereas, the thumb and cone attachment heads are used for a high impactful massage. It also includes two swappable batteries and a lithium-ion battery charger.


  • Ergonomic design with rotatable arms.
  • Can be controlled via an app.
  • 5 incredible speed settings.
  • 6 attachment heads with variable impacts.
  • Each battery works up to 150 minutes.


  • Quite expensive.

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Comparing Both Hypervolt vs Theragun: Which One Is Better?

Both the devices come with different features, and you need to decide carefully and choose one according to your preference. Now, we will compare both the massagers to see which one has better features.


The Theragunmassager has an ergonomic triangular handle design, which is easy to hold, and there is a rotating arm that helps in giving massages on hard to reach places.

On the other hand, the Hypervolt massage gun is light in weight and has a nice handle, but holding it for a long time can cause fatigue. Plus, it can’t reach all the areas like Theragun.


The Hypervolt massage gun is a vibration massager and provides surface-level massage and the Theragun massager offers True percussive therapy, great for deep tissue massage.


The 5-speed options of the Theragun massager are quite powerful than the Hypervolt’s 3-speeds. Moreover, you can customize the settings of the Theragun massager using an app. Hypervolt massager doesn’t have such a feature.


There is a carrying case included with the Theragun massager, but not with the Hypervolt massager. So, you need to purchase one separately.


With the Hypervolt massager comes only 4 attachment heads, while the Theragun massager comes with six efficient attachment heads.

Quiet Operation

Both the massagers operate quietly as they come with innovative technology.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, we have come to know that Theragun is more powerful and comes with better features than Hypervolt massager. If you love strong massages, then you can choose the Theragon Pro Massage Gun.

But if you are fond of light massages or have low muscle development, then go for Hypervolt massager. It also provides a good massage and relieves soreness and stiffness from the body parts. I hope this Hypervolt vs Theragun guide has helped you to know the differences between these two massagers and also made it easy for you to make a decision.


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