Nowadays, people suffer from problems like arthritis, numbness, sore fingers, carpal tunnel pain, wrist pain, and hand pain. As a consequence, they look for the best massager for hands to get relief from the pain. They intend to buy the massagers exactly fit their requirements and are the best in price capacity, quality, accuracy, and trend. Here you find some of the massagers that works great for hands as follows.

The 9 Best Massagers for Hands

1. Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager

One of the best hand massagers for arthritis, numbness, and carpal tunnel pain is Lunix Cordless Electric Hand Massager with Compression. The Lunix LX3 Massager is designed to provide the most convenient and effective massage possible. It will be like getting a professional masseur at home, based on the concepts of human engineering and acupuncture. After a long day at work or before going to bed, sit back, and enjoy a good hand massage. The massager squeezes away the stress of daily life, to give you a robust hand massage experience. 


  • It has six intensities, and six different program modes along with two vibration modes and one heat function (wait 10 min. to reach optimal Temp.)
  • It is the most exclusive present for birthdays, Christmas or any time of the year thanks to its life-improving functionalities.
  • The massager has an ergonomic design for efficient results.
  • You will have a finger massager in each box that will help with blood circulation, brain activity, and sense of touch.

2. Breo iPalm520 Shiatsu Hand Massager

It is one of the best massagers for hands recovering from hand pain, finger numbness, and therapeutic massager. It is designed based on traditional Chinese medical science — Meridian Acupoint theory of massage. In thousands of years of Chinese Medicine practice, meridians have been known to spread in the human body, and regular massages to the meridians ‘acupoints can have a positive impact on our wellbeing.


  • The airbags offer a waving air pressure on your hand, working in a rhythm of inflating and deflating on both sides of your hand.
  • This is the most encouraging and effective way to relieve your hands from pain, soreness, numbness, and coldness.
  • The massager soothes heat compression.
  • It will comfortably stimulate the acupoints on the palm and accelerate the blood circulation when being pressed.

3. HoMove Hand Roller Massager

The best Massager for hands is HoMove Hand Roller Massager that relieves Carpal Tunnel, Finger Roller Massage with Heat for Wrist, Pain Relief & Finger Numbness. It is combined with finger roller and palm air pressure technology. It has three levels of massaging intensity along with Integrated Mode, Finger Focus Mode, and Palm Focus Mode. The rated voltage is DC 12V, and the working time is 20 minutes. It includes three packages like 1 x Hand Massager, 1 x Power Adapter, and 1 x User Manual.


  • A massager with adjustable pressure is more flexible than one that does not.
  • Heat therapy is possibly one of the easiest ways to relax after a long day at work that encourages warmth and relaxation, as well as keeping those aches and pains off the ground.
  • There are 19 groups of airbags, three sets of air valves. Airbags work at an inflating and deflating pattern, providing relaxing air pressure on your side.
  • A joint roller style helps speed up the blood circulation of your finger that can relax your finger.

4. Purology LX Hand Massager

Purology LX Hand Massager is one of the best massagers you can pick for hand pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, finger arthritis, and joint pain. It is designed with cordless technology that lets you easily use it anywhere. Multiple stimulations from the reflexology pressure point increase blood flow and reduce pain in the side. It applies pressure to several trigger points, as well as heat and a user-controlled waving pressurized massage.


  • It works your way up and starts at the lowest pressure.
  • It is normal to tingle during a massage by hand pressure.
  • During your massage, the soft cloth liner keeps your hand relaxed.
  • It is rechargeable and portable; enjoy a lengthy charge. It includes a charging cable and a USB wall plug.

5. Breo WOWOS Hand Massager

This is one of the best massagers to soothe sore muscles, reduce hand fatigue, discomfort, soreness, numbness, cold fingers and hands, and symptoms of carpal tunnel. The WOWO S mixes air pressure and heat compression technology to knead the entire palm and hand to enhance the wave rhythm of the acupoints and increase circulation.


  • Three air pressure choices, five kinds of massage, and hundreds of specially shaped dimples provide the acupoints on the hands and fingers the right amount of cover and pressure.
  • The WOWO S has a sleek, lightweight style that enables you to enjoy a massage anywhere.

6. HANDSONIC Hand Massager

HANDSONIC Hand Massager is one of the best massagers in relieving pain and fatigue in the hands, promoting blood circulation. It lets you complete your hands full of professional massage treatment. It is a hand care machine-made professionally for you. It is compact and comfortable, and the technology is advanced.


  • It has an intimate heating function
  • Multiple modes of free adjustment are available.
  • 3D surround air pressure machine
  • The visible effect appears.

7. Daiwa Felicity Hand Massagers

One of the best massagers for hands is this to relieve hand pain. It is ideal for hardworking hands that get hot, sore, and strained, and compact and portable compression massager.


  • It has three automatic massage modes.
  • Stretch Airbags Cramps and Soothe Discomfort.
  • It has 3 Strength Levels with Optional Heat Setting.
  • Finger window for larger hands is available.

8, Roleo Hand Massager

Roleo Massager is one of the best hand massagers for arthritis. You can self-apply proven effective massage techniques with the massager to relieve muscle tensions in the forearm, hands, and wrists. To target trigger points and promote healthy blood flow, it offers a stable, accurate massage with adjustable pressure (moderate to strong). The massager does not need any battery or electricity, and rather it works manually.


  • Rotating knob, which provides slight adjustment on tension level.
  • Durable rollers with ridges
  • Rubber feet + Suction cups

9. NEOFECT Extender – Finger Training & Rehab Orthotics

A type of hand massager that minimizes Stretch, Functional Grasp and Spasticity, and prevents stiffness for TBI and stroke. NEOFECT Hand Extender is a stroke, SCI, & TBI hand and wrist brace for patients with mild weakened hand function. It is suitable for those who have a finger and wrist spasticity and stiffness. The extender helps reduce spasticity and keeps a proper stretch for functional hand movement. Users have improved grip and grasp for daily activities, specially designed finger straps.


  • Open-palm design
  • Adjustment in flexion/extension fingers and wrist
  • Adjustable finger tension
  • Dual Purpose Strap

How do electric hand massagers Work?

Using an electric hand massager makes sure to get relief from arthritis, finger numbness, carpal tunnel pain, hand pain, hand fatigue, soreness, and Spasticity. Massaging your hands with an electric hand massager will relieve stress and restore balance without having to do any manual work. You simply put your hand inside the massager, and it applies tapping, compression, kneading, vibration and other forms of massage to your hands when you relax. However, a wrist massager or hand massager applies pressure to the hand and wrist to help it relax and soothe the tense muscle. An electric massager for Hands stimulates your acupoints using the acupressure therapy by compressing your hand and improving blood circulation. Working in a rhythm of inflating and deflating on both sides of your hand, the airbags of a massager offer a waving air pressure on your hand. Thus, an electric hand massager offers you pain relief.

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Benefits of Using Electric Hand Massager

Arthritis is a common problem for now. People suffer from it mostly. Here, an electric hand massager is very suitable for arthritis control and would be a blessing for you to knock down all kinds of indications to Arthritis. It acts like acupuncture, hitting the pressure points on the hand, slowly bringing more energy into your hands, and increasing the gripping energy.

A hand massager helps relax tight hand muscles, decreases scar tissue and adhesions that cause reduced mobility of the finger and wrist, and promotes the different ranges of motion and strength of your hand.

Daily hand and palm massage will reduce pain and improve the grip. It helps continue to improve hand flexibility and circulation with the included hand therapy ball. You will not feel any warming.

It relieves the hand pain, relaxes the hard-working hand, stretches out cramps, and soothes pain. Some massagers maintain the appropriate stretch for functional hand movement and help minimize spasticity. The extender helps reduce spasticity with customizable tension straps by encouraging the fingers into an extended open hand position.

However, an electric hand massager is ideal for pain relief, arthritis control, finger numbness, soreness, carpal tunnel pain, hand fatigue, and spasticity. You can use it simply to ease your hands from a different problem.

What you should look for in an Electric Hand Massager?

It may not be as easy to find the right electric hand massager as you want. If you are looking for a hand massager, you need to make sure you use it all the time when the need arises. You do not want a product that might waste your money. Here are a few things to look for in an electric massager.

Adjustable speed setting: Make sure that you can control the speed settings of your massager so that it does not cause your muscles to harm when using.

Easy to clean

You do not want a massager that is hard to clean. You should find a machine that is easy to clean after every use.


You would be in need to travel anywhere. Here, you must buy a portable hand massager so that you can carry it easily.

More attachments

you should make sure that there are attachments that you can use also for other parts of your body like your neck, back, shoulders, and knees to relieve pain.

Best for your need: You do not want the massager but the one fits for your need and works best for you to relieve pain.

Final Verdict

People usually look for the best hand massager for arthritis, wrist massage, and finger numbness. The above-stated massagers are unique in design, working quality, and accuracy. Besides, the massagers are ideal to use to recover from physical problems. Therefore, anyone can buy these hand massagers undoubtedly. You don’t need to check local stores, shopping malls or any electric device shop to buy the best massager for hands, you can easily find it online clicking the link on above-discussed massagers.