Do you frequently experience muscle pain that tempts you to hire the services of an expert masseuse for a deep-tissue massage? The best back massager has your ultimate solution. Consider Investing in a model specifically designed for your troublesome body parts (or even a versatile one) and take matters into your own hands. A skillfully designed massaging tool quickly relieves painful knots and tightness at your convenience.
However, considering there are many brands in the market identifying a high-quality product can be challenging. Luckily, you are in the right place. Make use of our comprehensive back massager reviews below. You will find the ideal product that will give you precisely what you need in the comfort of your living room, car or any of your preferred space.

Top 5 Best Back Massagers Reviews

The following is a listing of the top 5 best back massager reviews of 2019 with short details on their features and benefits to guide you in comparing and choosing the most suitable and the back massagers to suit your requirements.

#1. Zyllion Shiatsu Back Massager

Touted the smallest massager utilizing shiatsu technique, this unit best suits ankles, neck, elbows, and knees. The fact it has a miniature construction also means you can easily use it on your lower back to eradicate the niggling lower back pain. Zyllion features an ultra-thin design that only measures 6 cm thick. It is, therefore, your dream office, home or car massager.
Four Rotating Nodes; Zyllion’s new shiatsu massager enables you to enjoy a revitalizing shiatsu-type massage anytime anywhere. The unit’s four deep-kneading rolling nodes work magic to ease muscle tension and aches knots. Even more appealing is the fact the massage nodes are designed to change directions automatically (after every one minute) during your massage session.
Heat function; The model has a heating function that gives you an additional feel of muscle-soothing pressure. The massager, therefore, helps you relax by boosting blood circulation. Simply sit back, switch it on and experience your muscle tension melt away. Within 20 minutes, this massager will relieve stress in your most vulnerable areas.
Versatility; You can use this compact massager to knead, soothe and relax any part of your body with great success. Zyllion is an ergonomic massager that fits nicely behind your neck and body contours. It delivers impressive results on your lower and upper back, abdomen, thigh, and calf areas.
Safety; ZMA13 Shiatsu massager features an overheat protection function for safety purposes. It is also programmed with a 20-minute Auto Shut-off feature while its UL-certified power adapter is compatible with both 110-120 Volts and 220-250 Volts electric outlets. The package even includes a high-quality adapter to minimize chances on loose connections.

#2. Naipo Massage Pillow Back Massager

This shiatsu back neck massager effectively relieves stress and fatigue and has been found to greatly boost blood circulation. So, if you wish to add these health benefits to your everyday routine, Naipo Massager Pillow is ideal for you. Whether at home at the office or in your car this model enables you to indulge in stress-relieving deep massage that will keep you relaxed all day long.
3D Roller Nodes; Thanks to three-dimensional roller heads designed to cover your entire back area, this model delivers amazing results to your whole body. Focus the 8 rolling nodes to tensed and aching body parts for a soothing and relaxing massage session. The temperatures of the nodes can rise to 112F substantially enhancing blood circulation.
Ergonomic Design; The attractive ergonomic design administers deep-kneading shiatsu massage on various parts of your body. It can, therefore, reliably relieve or relax muscle tightness around your neck, abdomen, back, calf or thighs in no time. So, your daily job tires these areas Zyllion massage pillow is ideal for you.
Heat Function; The heating features blends perfectly with the pillow’s four roller nodes capable of massaging your body in rotating or even reverse directions after every three minutes. Consequently, you will feel relaxed a few minutes of using the pillow. Anyone who is frequently stressed or suffers from muscle tension will find this product extremely useful.
Solid Construction; The massager’s compact structure is adequately sturdy to bear the weight of even the heaviest person. It also comes with dependable no-fuss adjustable straps. Consequently, you can confidently strap the massager onto your sofa (or any other equipment you prefer to sit on). Just make sure it fits nicely on your back or neck for an effective massage session.

#3. Body Back Buddy Point Therapy Self-Massage Tool – Lower Back Massager

Body Back Buddy besides comfortably and effectively treating your muscles is lightweight, flexible and adequately simple for anyone to use. The tool is the result of several years of research, innovations, and improvements. Its, uniquely designed S-Shape, therefore, delivers 11 perfectly positioned therapy nodes that provide easy access to any of your body parts.
Innovative S-Shape; The tool has a unique and effective S-shape which allows you to hold it comfortably in front of you. The feature enables you to manipulate your S curves as you apply the right amount of tension to acupressure points on your back and neck. Consequently, health and fitness specialist recommend the tool for pain management therapies like Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue massage.
Multiple Style therapy knobs; The unit comes with three modes of therapy knobs; a dull rounded style designed for wider surface massage sessions, a pointed one that allows you to precisely penetrate deeper on specific areas and two dull nubs situate at the center of the massager. The last variety is specially designed to massage your upper buttocks and backside, on either side of your spine.
Adjustable Pressure Levels; In addition to an open design and natural shape that allow you to reach all your muscles, the tool has variable pressure settings. Consequently, you have an easy time varying the level of pressure as well as the angle at which the tension is directed. What is the outcome? The result is a noticeable and speedy release of tight, knotted and spastic muscles that result in measured and targeted massage therapy.
Versatility; This model allows you to massage each and every muscle from different angles in creative and effective ways. There are several ways to use the tool, so after acquiring it, spend some time experimenting and exploring what works and what does not work for you and settle for your ideal mode. You can use it sitting, standing, lying down or even with a partner and still enjoy a relaxing experience.

#4. Etekcity Shiatsu Back Massager

Do you frequently suffer from knots, aches and muscle tension? A good massage therapy at the comfort of your sofa has your desired solution. Etekcity Shiatsu Massager delivers a fantastic Shiatsu-style massage that will melt away all these disturbing issues. Its ergonomic construction ensures it fits seamlessly in the contours of your neck or back. So, switch it, sit back on and enjoy an uplifting massage session anytime anywhere.
Strong Motor; The massager features a pure-copper core motor that guarantees extensive service life. There are two custom speed varieties intended to help you get your desired level of intensity necessary to relieve your aches, sores, and pains. It is also equipped with a reliable overheat protection function that ensures safe operation.
Bidirectional rotation; Eight potent three-dimensional deep-kneading nodes subject your body parts (lower back, neck, shoulder and tight muscles) to shiatsu massage. It, therefore, best relax tight muscles and improving blood circulations. Heated roller heads also change directions after every 60 seconds thereby delivering fascinating massage experience.
Elastic straps; The massage comes with adjustable straps featuring velcro materials and hence is easy to use. The elastic straps allow you to stably tie the unit to car seats or office chairs and provide you the feel of using a massage chair. So, if you drive a lot and as such your neck often stiffens after several hours behind the wheel, this massager is ideal for you.
Customizable; The unit has two-speed modes and hence allows you to select the one that best suits your requirements. It also gives you the option to either use the heating feature or simply use the shiatsu massaging technique. The optional heat function uses an infrared technology, an advanced and most effective heat therapy.

#5. Zyllion Shiatsu Seat Cushion Back Massager

Zyllion Seat Cushion Back Massager

With ZMA14 Shiatsu massager you do not have to leave your home to experience a full-body, professional-level massage. It enables you to convert your home right to your favorite spa. The cushion pad has a sleek design and hence provides premium-grade massage therapy that relieves painful and achy muscles thus improving blood circulation.
Rolling Back Massage; The unit allows you to choose the rolling massage function that involves nodes continually moving up and down your back area in a rolling massage pattern. You can choose lower, upper or full to select the section of your back to massage. You can also vary the width between the rolling nodes so as to target just the exact spot.
Overheat protection; ZMA-14 features an overheat protection function in addition to a 20-minute auto shut-off mechanism. If the massaging tool accidentally exceeds the working temperature, the safety feature automatically turns off the motor. This way, the user’s safety is guaranteed. Your device is also protected from inadvertent damage.
Seat Vibration; The seat on this massager contains two vibration massage pulses that target sore thighs and glutes. You even select your desired intensity from the many vibration levels. However, if on a particular day you don’t want to utilize this feature, the unit gives you the option to turn it off and enjoy a normal massage just like you would with any other model.
Remote control; This cushion pad comes with remote control with which you can customize your massage therapy with a simple touch of a button. The construction includes an inbuilt pocket that you can use to store the remote control when you are not using it. So, ZMA-14 allows you to alter the modes and very intensities without moving an inch.

Health Benefits of Back Massagers

Muscle recovery; Studies have revealed that massage boosts your health in several ways. So, if it ever occurred to you the experience can melt away your health woes, you were right. The therapy improves muscle recovery speed after a busy day full of rigorous activities. Massage forces nutrients like metabolites and oxygen to move faster and more efficiently throughout your body. Muscles, just like all your other body parts, need these nutrients to recover and regains expended energy.
Eases tension; Massage also eases muscles and relieves pain. So, anytime you experience muscle tension reach out to your back massager and administer point massage. The therapy sends a signal to your brain indicating that your body should release so as to recover; the entire process alleviates pains and aches. Massage also increases your flexibility. It releases tightness by gradually breaking your adhesions and rebuilds scar tissues.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Back Massagers

Your intended use; Which part of your body aches most? Is it your lower back, muscles in your limbs, neck or muscles? As yourself these questions and ask your supplier for the right massager for your specific body part. There are specialized models designed to massage specific body parts and multipurpose ones that are so versatile you can use for the general area.
Massaging method; Different models utilize dissimilar approaches. For instance, shiatsu type use pressure-based technique and hence is capable of deep kneading your muscles thus reducing long-term stress. Vibrators, on the other hand, apply a series of non-invasive buzzing motions thereby slowly loosening your muscles. Some models, nonetheless, combine the various massaging techniques to provide different forms of sensations.
Programs on offer; The higher the number of programs a model offers the better the massager it. So, as you shop around, settle for a product with two or more massaging modes. Among the various programs, you will identify one that best suits your preference and ultimate comfort. Also, check the ease of choosing different intensities of the various modes.
Rotating Nodes; Most modern massagers contain rollers included to provide the all-important pressure as you use them. The rollers vary widely from two to more than ten depending on the type of massage therapy that you select. While nodes can stationary or in rotary motion of importance is their quality. High-quality rollers provide adequate intensity without bending out of shape.
Heat Feature; Heat function besides soothing your muscles gives your muscle the feel that you normally get after getting a hot shower. If you have any medical condition that you suspect the heat function may worsen consult your physician first. Otherwise, opt for a massaging tool with a handy regulator. This way, you will be able to select your preferred temperature with a lot of ease.

Where to Buy A Back Massager Online?

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Back massagers have gained widespread use for very many reasons. As researchers explore their health benefits, more people continually embrace them.
It is now common knowledge that getting a relaxing massage from the best back massager increases the levels of feel-good hormones lowers heartbeat and blood pressure and makes you comfortable so you can easily fall asleep. So, where will you start? To identify and acquire your ideal model follow the guidance in our back massager reviews above and choose any of the brands featured. They all meet all the functionality and safety standards and hence will deliver a mesmerizing massage experience.