PSO-RITE Review: Best Psoas Massager for Muscle Release

The human body and nervous system have been evolved to run for hunting and gather foods, not for sitting hours behind the computer. But fast forward to the modern age, the musles which were once dominant, like the hip flexor and psoas, now barely get any stimulation at all. The epidemic immobility of modern life has made things quite worse. Now we often suffer from back problems and tightness around the hip area, which is usually due to the years of tightness accumulated into this specific muscle of the body. But it’s not only limited among the people who have desk jobs. It can also happen to anyone from athletes to the ballet dancers, as well. This is why pso rite has been so popular among athletes as a self-massage tool, but anyone can be benefitted from it. In this pso rite review, we will explore how and why you can be benefitted from it.

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What are the Psoas muscles?

The psoas is arguably the most important muscle in the human body. Without this muscle, even we aren’t able to forward inches!! It is also the muscle that suffers most in back issues, knee issues, and tight hip sockets. It is involved in every step we take in our day to day life, whether we run, bike, exercise, or just sitting on chairs. The psoas is the primary connector between our torso and legs. It keeps our spine stabilized and impact our posture. The psoas muscle is made of two types of muscle, slow twitching muscle, and fast twitching muscle. Having weak muscle can be causing many of the surrounding muscles to be overused, which can be a reason behind many aches and pains, including pelvic pain and lower back pain.

What is pso rite?

The pso-rite is a recent but popular invention. Pso rite a self-massage tool. It can be used to strengthen our psoas and other muscles. Also, pso-rite is the most popular body massage kit on the market right now. Mostly to the athletes who suffer from tightness in their hip areas and especially practitioners muay Thai and other mixed martial art.


Well, the reason is why quite simple. It is designed to give you the same feeling when you are taking a massage from a therapist. But the biggest advantage you have here is that you are under control of when and where you will use it. Because what happens is that we often have to neglect a task, we need to give immediate attention. We can’t squeeze in our time to attend another appointment on top of things we already have to do.​

When to use the pso rite?

There are some certain indicators of the psoas muscles in your body that need some serious attention and also the help of the pso rite immediately. Note that they don’t always mean that you are suffering from the tightness of psoas muscles. But they often do indicate it so don’t take it lightly.

  • If you suffer from anterior pelvic tilt which is caused by the forced shortness of the spine
  • If your knee is troubling you without any reason
  • The lower back suddenly started to pain
  • If you are suffering from fatigue without any apparent reason

How does pso rite work?

The pso-rite can be used after waking up from sleep,beafoure going to bed, after, or during workouts. To use the device, at first lay down on the device so that the pressure of your bodyweight targets the area you want to get relief. It is excellent for psoas, glutes, pectorals, calves, feet, rotator cuffs, and lower backs and also shoulder muscles as well. After applying pressure to targeted are, move your limb slowly to activate the muscle being targeted.the pso-rite has some easy understandable, and fantastic instruction will find all of these in their Instagram account. If you get one, you will be using it to remove tightness and muscle knots in basically anywhere in the body. But most of the athletes have been using it for recovering from lower back and pelvic injuries.

Features we liked

  • PSO Rite helps stretch tight psoas muscles
  • it releases muscles hard to reach like the psoas, hamstring, lower back, and neck.
  • pso rite unlock tight psoas muscles
  • Available in 4 different color
  • pso rite unlock tight psoas muscles
  • Made in the mighty America
  • The plastic material used in it is very durable

Can you stretch Psoas muscles with regular stretching?

Well, sadly, you can’t stretch the psoas muscles with regular static stretching because the psoas is a very unique and different muscle than say your legs or the arms. It is very well connected to our gut, yes the gut which gets tightened when we feel stressed. As a result, the psoas muscles are very well connected to our emotions, and they’re well being. So if you are someone who is going through a lot of stress, regular stretching won’t do much. Mostly because you won’t get the necessary amount of contraction, and neither will it stay for long.

Why should you be using PSO-rite?

Massage difficult to reach muscles

As you might now, the psoas is one of the most deeply rooted muscles in the whole body. It is tough to stretch or even relax those muscles effectively. And the most frustrating part is that most of us don’t even know about it untill we start to feel pain in the lower back on in the knee. Pso rite is very useful in massaging and relaxing these critical muscles.

Makes your hip flexor less injury-prone

The primary function of the hip flexors is to help you move and bend sideways. But unfortunately, most of us don’t get enough movement. Most of our days are spent in the office or our home, and this sedentary lifestyle makes the hip flexor quite weak and more prone to injury. Only those who suffered from it know how painful it can be. But with regular use, the pso rite can strengthen the psoas muscles, and it will effectively make you less susceptible to injuries in the hip flexor and also other areas like the back and lower back as well. It’s not any hoax or anything. Rather it a simple massing tool to relax and strengthen your hip flexors and also other muscles as well.

It helps with pelvic tilt and slouch.

Those who have a desk job tend for a tilt in their anterior pelvis, which makes their posture bad. Are you among those people who slouch and have an awkward posture? It also happens due to the pelvic tilt, and the primary reason is the tightness in their lower back and pelvic area. The spine gets shortened due to the tightness around the lower back area. If you regularly massage and relax these areas with some exercise, you will see some improvement very quickly. As you will be using the PSO rite to release the muscle knot, the spine will start to make progress to get rid of the tilt.

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Final Words

Sitting into the desk for long hours is unavoidable. But what you can’t avoid is the unmeasurable damage it does for your body and also the nervous system. In the last two hundred years, so much industrial progress has only made things worse for us. We have gotten progressively worse when it comes to taking care of our bodies. But there still some hopes left you to try. In this pso rite review, we have pointed out the benefits and various usage it has. So it is high time you take back control and maker things happen for your body. Pso rite is an excellent and inexpensive way to release tightness from muscles. If you lack time to visit a therapist, it can be a lifesaver for you!

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