A foot spa (also called foot bath) provide the much-needed relief after a busy day at work that involves rigorous activity like standing and walking. So, if you often experience tired and sore feet you need the therapy of the best foot spa. Considering a professional foot massage can cost a fortune, having a device at home that can provide almost similar services can save you a lot of time, money and energy.
Simply identify one that meets your needs and enjoy a relaxing foot massage at your convenience. However, due to their many health benefits, there are very many nearly identical brands in the market. To simplify your work we created this foot spa reviews so as to equip you with all you need to know about these useful devices.

The Health Benefits of a Foot Spa

Have you ever wondered why flipping on your TV set as you dip your sore feet into a heated foot spa feels revitalizing? It is because foot massage has many health benefits including improving blood circulation, reducing muscle tension and stimulating tissue rejuvenation. Prolonged walking and standing that characterize most workplaces cause pain, swelling, inflammation, and pain. It also reduces blood circulation and can lead to medical ailments like plantar fasciitis.
A good foot massage therapy reverses all these processes ensuring that your body unwinds fully. Foot spa soothes nerves around your feet, connected to areas of your body where headaches occur. The overall effect is a relaxed feel that promotes sound night sleep.

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The 5 Best Foot Spa Reviews (Top Pick)

The following is a list of the top 5 best foot spa reviews of 2018 with brief details on their features and benefits to guide you in comparing and choosing the highest appropriate and the foot spas for your needs.

#1. Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Ivation Foot Spa Massager
Ivation foot bath is ideal for individuals (men and women) who work vigorously on their feet. It integrates the best functions of acupressure, heat, shiatsu, and hydrotherapy to deliver a bubbling massaging bliss to your achy toes and soles. Simply power the device, pour water (about 6.5 liters) unto the basin and choose your preferred spa session.
Multiple water jets; Besides the heat going all the way to 122 F, this unit features several water jets necessary to help you relax and relieve pain. This model reproduces Jacuzzi grade jets in a tiny form. Feel free to add your preferred essential oil unto the water for an even mesmerizing spa experience.
Intense vibrating massage; It delivers invigorating vibration motions that promote blood circulation and soothe weary feet. You can also activate motorized rollers and target tensed and tired toes and soles. The overall effect of these features is a tantalizingly calming feel. This foot massage delivers a smooth and relaxing feel suitable for everyone including people with sensitive feet.
Compact design; Besides being simple to use Ivation is attractively compact; it measures in at 16.5 by 14.9 by 9.2 inches and as such can fit in even the smallest space in your home. At 6.7 pounds this foot bath is light meaning you can easily carry around. The fact it is portable and as such you can use as often as you wish makes it one of the best foot spas in the market.
Advanced Display; It uses a LED display system with which you can easily activate the multifunctional feature and set the timer. Turn on the heat on the conveniently located control panel and enjoy extra soothing comfort on your tired and aching soles and toes. Other useful settings that are easily accessible on the digital panel are foot rollers and bubbles.
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#2. Conair Waterfall Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa with Lights, Bubbles, Massage Rollers

Conair Foot Spa
Treat your feet to a near professional-level spa and massage experience at home with this high-quality model. It contains all the necessary features, including heat and vibrations, necessary to comfort your feet in a charming relaxation. The toe-touch control makes it easy to adjust both the temperature and massage intensity.
Nodes; The unit contains one massage attachment which you can use to treat your feet to a relaxing massage session after a pedicure. There are also nodes on the splashguard located at its base included to give you an added massage function. The foot bath, therefore, delivers a soothing deep full-foot massage.
Three-way approach; Conair uses three ways to soothe your sore feet; ice to lessen inflammation and swelling, stretch on tennis ball and immersion in warm water so as to ease tension. If you are worried of possible slip, you will be glad to know that this device uses nonslip and as such, there is no likelihood of slip mishap.
Effective heat feature; Despite its affordable price tag, Conair includes all the basic features you need sooth your feet. The heat function not only works fine but also maintains the temperature till you complete your massaging session. It is ideal for anyone who would like to enjoy the experience of a foot bath without spending a fortune.
Waterfall; The best feature about this model is a waterfall which delivers a wonderful feel across the entire top surface of your feet. Bonus three pedicure attachments allow you to cleanse your feet when relaxation mode is on. Add all these to the blue LED lights with a nice touch and you have a relatively great yet affordable product.
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#3. MaxKare Foot Spa

MaxKare Foot Spa
Fill Maxkare foot spa with water, select your desired spa treatment and enjoy the relaxing comfort of bubbling warm water. The unit, therefore, relieves fatigue as the calming bubbles percolate through the water pampering your feet. Such a restorative spa treatment relieves stress, enhance wellbeing and improve your sleep at night.
Smart Water temperature control; Intelligent temperature control allows you to easily set your ideal temperature, between 35 and 48 degrees Celsius. Once you choose your favorite temperature the foot spa quickly heats up the water to the set value. It also maintains the water temperature without necessitating the addition of hot water. You thus enjoy stably warm water all through.
Stylish and ergonomic design; The foot bath is not only elegant but also fashionable. Its ergonomic outlet fits your feet nicely and prevents water in the basin from splashing. A handy nonslip rubber foot stand maintains its stability while in use. So, rest assured that this model will look classy and remain stable irrespective of intense or frequent you use it.
Detachable massaging rollers; While the rollers are non-motorized, meaning you have to move your feet to enjoy their benefits, they are removable and are specifically designed to deliver a relaxing feel on your feet. The acu-nodes, located on the lower side, effectively apply pressure on the acupoints of your sole thus revitalizing you with an extra comfort.
Medicine Case; A small removable box attached to the inside of the spa massager can be used to keep spa materials such as Epson salts. Such spa materials augment your spa treatment ensuring your session is both relaxing and soothing to your mind and soul. The whole experience of using the unit is comparable to other high-end models.
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#4. ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager

ArtNaturals Foot Spa
Are you always on your feet all day long? Let ArtNaturals bubble away your toe’s cares. This stylishly designed mini-spam, designed for tired toes and fatigued feet, is precisely what you need. Whether you are a walker, runner, athlete or an ordinary person who simply desires to pamper a part of your body that is often neglected, this foot spa is perfect for you.
Handy Control panel; In addition to its beautiful design, this massager has a very user-friendly control panel. You can effortlessly access all the features via four buttons at the LCD display. Easily track every single change you execute on the control panel or by using the indicator lights.
Accurate thermostat; ArtNaturals foot spa massages your soles using four removable rollers. Thanks to the rollers beautiful design the rollers deliver a comfortable foot massage. The heating device can either raise the temperature of the water or maintain at a constant level depending on how you set it. The device’s thermostat is extremely accurate.
Versatile size; Let the unit’s pink color not fool you; its size can accommodate the shoe sizes of both men and women. The basin features a front anti-splash lid that also has the control panel. Besides the basin being huge enough to suit most users, the floor is adequately expansive to suit men with up to shoe size 14.
Customizable massage; All its four-foot rollers are removable allowing you to personalize your massage experience. So, if you so wish you can remove two and use the remaining two or you can remove all of them. The bottom of its basin is fitted with massage beads. Consequently, you can opt to massage your feet using the beads as opposed to the rollers.
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#5. DRESHah Large Foot Bath Spa Tub

DRESHah Foot Spa
This model is perfect for relaxing after a busy day that involves lengthy walking or standing sessions. It allows you to add some Epson salt, Essential Oil or any of the several foot massage enhancers. Large Foot Bath Spa provides a compelling way to have your overworked feet unwind and rejuvenate.
Large Bath Tub; Doctors often recommend soaking your feet in the essential oil-laden warm water when you have ingrown nails, toenail fungus or athlete’s foot. Take advantage of this foot bath’s roomy tub to deal with these among many other disturbing conditions. Introduce appropriate essential oils for best results.
Strong design; This soaker is undoubtedly built to last. It features thick sturdy plastic that does not wobble even when you fill it with water. The construction is also devoid of any attachments such as handles and straps that prone to breaking off leading to minor accidents. The entire product is strong enough to provide service for a long time.
Noiseless operation; The fact it does not have loosely hanging hands or electronics means you are assured of noiseless operation as you relax and enjoy a revitalizing foot bath. So, simply fill the basin with water, sit back and enjoy a 20 minute of uplifting soak. It is so simple to use you can use it to soften nails before trimming or soothe foot painful corns.
Impressive depth; The basin is deep enough to adequately cover your feet. So, even if you are looking for a tub that you will soak your feet on for several minutes, this comfortable unit won’t disappoint. Comfort requires a product that is durable and sufficiently deep. Large Foot Bath Spa Tub is definitely worth your purchase.
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Things to consider before Buying

Size; Majority of foot baths can accommodate up shoe size 12 for men. Different models nonetheless vary widely in size. So, while for your ideal model, find out if it can hold your size. Individuals with huge feet must pay a special attention to this feature lest they end up with a product they cannot use. Make sure your feet will fit comfortably on the model you are considering.
Features; The foot spa should contain all the features that you need. For a device to deliver a relaxing soothing sensation, it must contain basic features like heating function and speed and temperature controls. Modern ones even heat water from room temperature to your specified degree. Since not all brands will contain all the possible features let the supplier know the features you need most and those you can do without.
Special need; Do you have a specific problem you are trying to address? If your answer is yes, communicate the same to your vendor so they can advise you on the best model for that purpose. For example, if your primary purpose is to boost blood circulation or to relieve arthritis the device that suits you is different from needs a foot spa for general relaxation only.
Frequency of use; How many times per week are you planning to use your foot spa? This is a very important factor because some units come with casters to enhance portability while others have bucket handles so you can carry them around. If you will be using the device often settle for a model that is portable and if you will be using once in a while go for a cheaper model.
Ease of use; Buy a unit that easy to set up, clean and empty. Some brands in the market are more user-friendly (and hence require less work) than others. All factors constant, models that feature inbuilt drainage pile supersede those that require you to lift to empty waste water.

Where to Buy The Best Foot Spa Online?

Ideally, you should acquire any of your preferred products directly from the manufacturer. However, some do not have reliable delivery services while others are located far away from you meaning the shipping charges will escalate the price. So, what is the solution? To acquire it from globally recognized retailer-Amazon.com.
Among the many benefits of buying from this online retailer include quality of products, attractive product warranty, and clear return policy. Past users of every foot massage spa leave comments on the website allowing you to gauge features and usefulness of the product. So, search for your favorite unit and place your order and your product will be delivered within schedule.


Your feet have an amazing 33 joints, 26 joints and more than one hundred tendons, ligaments, and muscles. These can undergo real beating during a typical busy day both from activity as well as ill-fitting shoes. Do you know that your feet make hundreds of tons of impactful forces on an average day that involves walking?
The best foot spa provides an effective way to release pressure your overworked feet helping them relax and heal. So, use our thorough foot spa reviews to identify and purchase your ultimate foot bath. A good foot spa delivers very many health benefits to your entire body in general and your feet, in particular.