The Benefits of Ionic Detox Foot Baths

Are you searching for information on any type of massage tool? Do you know the benefits of the different tools and ionic detox foot bath in particular? We are here to answer these and other related questions. Ionic detox foot baths are foot spas used to rid your body of toxins. The process ionically and magnetically draws toxins out your body through your feet.
All you have to do is place your feet inside the foot baths, let them remain inside for a couple of minutes and the bath will draw toxins out and into the water. By looking closely at the water afterward, you can notice the toxins in the form of floaties and discoloration of water.

How it works

Electric current is passed through some plates in a module immersed in the foot bath tub. The water contains, due to the mineral concentration of ocean water, contains sea salt. Once your feet are inside the water, differently charged ions are produced by the foot bath. The ions re-energize your red blood cells through your skin eliminating toxins stored in fats, liver, kidney, skin, and bowel.

Benefits of Ionic Detox Foot Baths

Physical Health

A detox foot bath increase joint flexibility and range making your elbows and knees easy to move. It is, therefore, an alternative remedy for people suffering from a chronic lymphatic condition and bone pain. The therapy also eradicates crippling chemicals while at the same time raises your metabolism thus promoting weight loss.
The weight loss, together with the removal of toxins from your body, increases your oxygen circulation. Improved increased oxygen supply to your body improves your immunity. The detox, therefore, headaches, eases neck pains and several other types of discomforts. Toxin removal has a significant effect on the digestive system; it eases constipation and other bowel related conditions.

Mental Health

The baths have mental benefits as well because the presence of poisons in our bodies affects us mentally. Poor quality nutrition, together with unhealthy foods and pollutants contribute to the buildup of toxins in your system. Accumulation of byproducts due to day-to-day activities implies everyone needs detoxification. Foot bath detox is an integral part of the prevention and treatment of mental conditions that include depression, addiction, and PTSD.
Aware of this fact, every community included some form of detox procedure in their conventional medicine repertoire. It has been reliably established to enhance mental relaxation and clarity. People who have tried this approach confessed that detox foot bath therapy helps them think more clearly. It also stimulates memory and improves sleep.

Improves Sexual Health

A detox foot bath increase libido and hence has a huge bearing on one’s sexual health. Even the mere fact it releases toxin from your body means it will make you feel better about yourself, reduce inhibitors that cause distractions. Ladies who have regular foot baths, a minimum of one session per week, notice a huge boost in their confidence leading to a massive transformation in their sexual health.
It provides a natural medicine for frigidity. Foot baths eradicate unhealthy toxins helping you feel a lot better, more energetic. Foot bath detox, therefore, makes you more appealing and more receptive of advances from members of the opposite sex.

Cures Certain Health Conditions

Do you want to ease your foot pain? Simply use detox foot baths. Besides healing your foot pains and replenishing your energy the tools treat different health conditions. For example, the tool effectively treats fibromyalgia, improves your immunity leading to fewer instances of colds and flu and reduces soreness in legs. Everyday activities deal a beating on your feet resulting in soreness and pain.
Also, by eliminating the need to swallow something so as to detox the machines encourage very many people to detoxify. The process is non-invasive and non-destructive. It, thus, gives people who are against swallowing or drinking anything to reap the benefits of detoxification.


Your feet are gateways to your body and your nervous system. That is why detoxifying through them is very effective as is evidenced by the change of ionic foot tub watercolor. You will also notice a huge energy boost, improvement in sleep, the disappearance of pain in your legs among many benefits.
Eliminating toxins stimulates and energizes your body organs enabling them to effectively carry out their duties. Watercolor changes noticeably with each subsequent use showing that the level of toxins inside your body decrease as you continually uses the bath.

Here Some Best Ionic Detox Foot Baths

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