There are very many types of massage therapies and some use special tools while others are done manually by skilled masseurs. Knowing the type of therapy that best suits you is not easy. We talk to about the health benefits of hot stone massage for writing this article. That is why we have decided to take it upon ourselves to describe and elaborate on the various types.
After reviewing this useful therapy for a long time, we have gained quite an insight into the different massaging tools. We also understand differences in the various techniques and health benefits of each type. So, if you are wondering about any particular aspect of hot stone massage you are in the right place.

What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage, as the name suggests, refers to the use of special stones to massage various parts of the body. The therapy relaxes and eases damaged soft tissue and tensed muscles throughout your body. The stones are normally made of ballast (a special volcanic rock capable of retaining heat) and come in various shapes, sizes, and weight. The iron-rich rocks are first steeped in hot water to gain heat prior to application. Besides the heat retaining characteristics, ballast stones are non-porous and extremely smooth. The stones have spent several years at the bottom of water bodies being compressed to be perfectly smooth

What happens during a hot stone massage?

During a hot stone massage, a therapist places smooth, beautifully smooth and flat stones on certain parts of your body. He or she performs specific massage strokes by placing tiny stooling stones along your energy lines (also called meridians of the body). However, to provide long-term treatment, they place larger placement stones at specific spots of your body, followed by slow and gentle strokes administered in such a way you feel a fulfilling calmness that makes you grounded and comforted.

Health Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Relives muscle pain; It is effective in easing muscle pain and tension. It boosts blood flow to your tensed or damaged muscles and tissues thus reducing muscle spasms. Hot stone massage is also effective in increasing flexibility as well as the range of motion. You can alternate between hot and cold stones for a more fulfilling feel.
Reduce stress; hot stone massage has been found to effectively relieve stress. A study conducted in 2001 showed that even a ten-minute session enhance cardiovascular responses like stroke volume. So, if you have a persistent issue with stress and anxiety, consider going for this type of massage and put your troubles to the past.
Promotes sleep; the therapy is so effective in improving sleep health experts recommend alternating sleeping pills with hot stone massage. The fact it promotes relaxation means it works magic on your ability to sleep. Good sleep enables your body to revitalize and hence become alert, energetic and positive when you wake up.

Reduce Muscle Spasms

Muscles that are in spasms and tensed are very painful and hence will certainly interfere with your day to day activities. Lowering the inflammation in your skeleton muscle reduces muscle spasm and pain. This type of massage promotes relaxation of the joints and muscles thus easing spasm and pain.

Risks and warnings

While hot stone massage has many health benefits, it is important that you first inform your therapist about any available medical condition. Let him also know how your body responds to external stimuli. Be sure to consult your physician first if you have any of the following conditions;

  • Injury or any break in your skin,
  • Infections such as cold, fever or flu,
  • Heart disease causing swelling on leg blood vessels,
  • Diabetes as it causes numbness that prevents one from detecting massage intensity

Hot stone massage is undeniably safe and effective in soothing, relaxing and revitalizing. So, provided you are not suffering from any of the risk factors above, rest assured the therapy will deliver impressive health benefits. To ensure you get the most from the session, go to a reputable spa where personnel is adequately trained and licensed.
Also, communicate your feeling to your service provider; if the pressure is too high or too low let them know. This way you will help your massage therapist deliver your ultimate feel. Be open and do not shy away from revealing how you feel about the session.