Infrared Heating Pad – Benefits, Pros and Cons

Low back pain is a curse for mental and physical health. There is plenty of therapy available but infrared heating pad benefits more than others. Traditional organic methods work fine but the result is temporary. All forms of pain affect mental health pretty badly. It could make you disable or waste your time for treatment. The sad part of all kind of pain is it will end up with surgery or empty your savings. However, far-infrared pad therapy is perfect for low back pain treatment.

What is an infrared heating pad?

The infrared heating pad is a medical therapy for low back pain. It uses electric light technology instead of an electrical coil for heating. This pad uses infrared rays that work fine and have no side effects on the skin. The infrared pad uses carbon fibers so that the heat can go deep into the human body. You can use this pad or other customized pads for neck, shoulder, and foot pain. This heating pad therapy works better than any other therapy or treatment.

Infrared Heating Pad Benefits

Most heating pads in the market use electric energy for warming. However, the regular heated pad can do its job by warming up only the surface area. Basically, we need pain treatment for long term relief. Only warming up the skin will not make any difference for the pain. Though it will help reduce the pain temporarily or for a short time. For the patient with back pain, temporary treatment is not a solution. No one would go for surgery for back pain. At least they will try non-surgical methods that work slowly but surely. In that case, heating pad treatment is the best alternative.  

People usually search for the best solution that is long-lasting and beneficial. In the case of pain treatment, it is expensive and requires a long time for showing good results. So, people search for reliable treatments that reduce the cost and produce the best results. On the other hand, taking pain relief therapy is a lot better than sugary. The study says organic pain relief therapy works accurately without any side effects than traditional treatment. Far infrared heat pad is one of the best therapies for low back pain. It creates heat that is required for proper blood circulation. Let’s head back to the benefits of infrared heating pads.

  • Relief pain:  Infrared heating therapy works perfectly for any kind of muscle, bone, and tissue pain. Its infrared ray works like an x-ray, so it can go deep into the area of pain.
  • Boost blood circulation: Our health status mostly depends on the circulation rate of blood. If the process gets hampered then we feel pain and other health issues. Perfect blood circulation helps the body cells and tissue to stay active and alive. An infrared heating pad helps to dilate the blood vessels and the blood circulation process works perfectly.
  • Improve flexibility: Sometimes less flexibility is the reason behind pain and health issues. Heating pads can help to improve the flexibility of tissue and bones. The more flexible tissue and bone joint will give you the perfect grip. The flexibility of your body increases mental and physical peace.
  • Treatment of spasm: Spasm is a health issue that needs high concern. Cause it can lead your body to any kind of physical disability. Infrared heat treatment helps ease the spasm issues.

 Infrared Heating Pad – Pros and Cons

Though infrared heating pads are suitable for back pain there are some disadvantages also. Let’s find out the pros and cons of heating pads.


  • It is an organic and drug-free pain relief method
  • This pad can go deep into the tissue and heat the affected area.
  • Other heat pads have side effects. But infrared heating pads use infrared rays that have no side effects.
  • It works perfectly in any bone and mussels joint area.
  • Other pads only heat the skin surface but infrared heat pads go deeper and keep the heating for a long time.
  • This pad comes in flexible size. Small size pad to cover any single area of the body. On the other hand, a big size pad is for the whole body. You can lay down on the pad while watching TV or taking a rest.
  • The infrared heating pad uses overheating protection to stop skin burn. It also has an on/off button in case of opening the door or toilet needs.
  • The body of the pad has a smooth edge with protection from wetness.
  • You can use this pad while driving a car or meeting some friends.
  • Far Infrared pads mainly target the area of injury or pain. So, the heat can accurately warm the affected area.
  • Sometimes people fall asleep while taking FIR pad treatment. Auto shut-off feature prevents any unnecessary accidents.


  • It takes at least 10 minutes for heating up. So you may have to wait for 10 minutes before warping your painting area.
  • Not all the infrared heating pad is smooth and flexible. Some of them are really sturdy and inflexible.
  • The price of an infrared heat pad is quite higher than regular electric heaters. So, it could be a problem with your budget.
  • All electronic devices produce electromagnetic fields or EMV. EMV is a dangerous threat to the body. However, some FIR pads produce EMV that could be a problem.
  • Mat type infrared heating pad is difficult for regular moving. So you have to either lay on it or rest on it.

Final Thoughts

Infrared heating pad pros and cons will help you decide to use either FIR or regular electric heaters. However, an infrared heating pad reduces pain perfectly than any other electric heater. Lots of studies and clinical trials are proving the success rate of infrared ray treatment. We think this article will help you select the perfect painkilling heating pad. And don’t ignore the precaution of the EMV wave that comes from electrical devices. Not all of them but some of the pads produce EMV waves. So be careful when using FIR.

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