Have you tried using heating pads for alleviating pains, and whatever other benefits those commercials said these pads come with? But actually, found that they don’t penetrate deep enough to release the muscle tension? They don’t even go near to soothe up that inflammation, I know. I have soaring back pain in my lower back. Due to all the years of sitting at the desk, it feels like my back is burning like a goose whose bottom was on fire. So I was randomly scrolling down the web and then saw this doctor jo popping out into my feed. According to her, the far-infrared mats can penetrate up to 1.5 inches beneath the skin. Regular heating pads can go the only ¼ of that. So I decided to figure out whether that’s true. I found out that, according to NCBI, the far-infrared does penetrate a lot better than other heating pads. Then I decided to find out the best far infrared heating pad and found out that MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mini Mat is the best of the bunch. Why is that? Let’s find out in this Medicrystal Mat review!

MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat
MediCrystal Far Infrared Amethyst Mat

What is the Medicrystal Mat?

Medicrystal mat is a far-infrared heating pad that uses crystals in their mat. It releases Far Infrared, negative and ions, and various others, which helps to hat the deepest of the tissues. Why do you need those fir infrared heating pad then? Well, a far-infrared heating pad is usually used as an alternative to releasing tension from muscles. That includes back and any other areas you want to work.

Why is the Medicrystal mat better than the traditional heating pad?

The Medicrystal mat is better and also safer than the traditional heating pad because the way two work differs significantly. A conventional heating pad works with an electromagnetic pulse to penetrate the body. It is not very beneficial to our health. It may like therapy, but the electromagnetic pulse harms our skin. The Medicrystal mat uses infrared rays derived from a hundred percent natural quartz that is known as Amethyst. That is why infrared heating pads like the Medicrystal mat are getting popular as an alternative to heating pads because it is far less harmful to the body and more effective at penetrating deeper.

Medicrystal Mat Features

100% Natural Amethyst

Nowadays, many of the manufacturers going for synthetic crystals. While they work fine, but you won’t get the full healing properties of natural quartz and other healing stones. But the Medicrystal mat comes with 100% natural Amethyst quartz from brazil. So you will able to get the full benefits of infrared healing if you opt to go for the Medicrystal mat.

Portable size

Most of the other bio mats and infrared mats are quite cumbersome, and you can’t take them with you. But not the Medicrystal mat, it weighs only 9 pounds so you can take it pretty much everywhere you can. Even if you keep it only within the house, moving it around wouldn’t be a problem, and you won’t need the help of other peoples as well.

Extensive Warranty and customer support

The Medicrystal mat comes with a full warranty of 2 years, so anything goes wrong within this time they will fix it for you. Also, they are quite praised for their customer service and support by most of the users.

What about the Accessories?

When you purchase the Medicrystal mat, there quite a lot of accessories that come with it other than the controller. There is a waterproof protection cover, cushioning pad, a handbag, and also a user guide with it. The bag is handy to take with you when you are traveling.


  • You will start to see the result within weeks
  • It cures back pain and muscle pain
  • It increases Blood Circulation.
  • The wave goes very deep into the body.
  • It comes with an overheat protection system.
  • Great for older adults with various stiff pains in their body
  • Moving it around is very comfortable
  • It is very thick and gives your back excellent support.


  • It is quite costly

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Q1: What are some uses of Medicrystal Mat?

Medicrystal mat is used to heal various problems. That includes Arthritis, Joint Pain, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Joint Stiffness, Leg pain, Shoulder, and different other sports-related Injuries as well. Besides, the Medicrystal mat helps to ease the pain for those who have severe back pain or neck pain. It is perfect for older adults has various pains in the body; Medicrystal mats can be an excellent solution for them.

Q2: How to use the Medicrystal mat?

Before using a Medicrystal mat, let it pre-heat for 30-40 mins. Then use it by your desire but keep the frequency under limitation. You can use it with high frequency, but that should not be more than half an hour. Otherwise, it can be harmful

Q3: Does Medicrystal mat help arthritis?

The Medicrystal mat helps to minimize the pain of arthritis as the Medicrystal mat’s wave goes deep into the muscles. It comfortably heats the deeper tissues and fascias to bring soothing, therapeutic pain relief. And accelerate the healing process of an affected Arthritis patient.

Q4: Can you sleep on it?

Yes, you can, but you need to put it in the lowest setting for safety. But other than that there is no problem in sleeping on it overnight. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction over the Medicrystal mat as it has helped them to have a better and deeper sleep at night.

Final Verdict

Whether you are totally new to infrared pads or just looking to buy a good one, we think the Medicrystal mat is the best of all infrared pads you will find out there. If you have read our Medicrystal mat review, you should already understand that It is very safe to use, works as it should be to relieve pain. Also, there is no chance of overexposing as there is a setting to prevent it. So make up your mind and get a Medicrystal mat to rid of all musculoskeletal problems you have. I am sure it is going to change the way your body feels like it did to me.