After a day of back-breaking work, you want nothing more than to relax. Work-life can be stressful, and after a busy day of hard work, your body deserves some much-needed rest. And a great way to relax and unwind yourself is with the help of a massage chair. Is this getting you excited? If you search on Amazon, you will find that the Ootori massage chair has gained quite a lot of popularity on Amazon. Intrigued, we decided to take a closer inspection, and below, you will find our comprehensive OOTORI massage chair reviews.

What’re the Health Perks of using a massage chair?

There are multiple perks associated with having a massage chair. For starters, it can help you eliminate health problems. And also, it can help you lower blood pressure.

Reviewing the OOTORI Brand

In the massage chair market, OOTORI has carved out a special position for itself. As the manufacturers of massage equipment, OOTORI stands out for multiple reasons. This company delivers quality chairs with a reasonable price.

And best of all, they are the only massage chair company that lets you try out their product prior to purchasing. They offer a 3-day trial where they drop off the massage chair and pick it up after three days if you are unhappy about the product.

Moreover, their customer service is also of the finest grade. And you might argue that other massage chair companies also offer customer support, but we found out that they weren’t often easily reached or they didn’t speak English very well. Premium pricing, free trials, and top-notch customer service make OOTORI a dream come true for massage chair lovers.

Best 3 Ootori massage chair review

OOTORI Massage Chair Recliner, SL-Track Zero Gravity, Full Body Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Tapping Heating Stretching Swedish Massage Back and Foot Massagers

OOTORI Massage Chair Recliner is the holy grail for massage chair lovers. But, the best part of this model is its premium price. Compared to other massage chair models available in the market, this OOTORI Massage chair is less taxing on your wallet.

Apart from price, you will find the L-tracks on the massage chair incredibly helpful. The L-tracks on the model help you massage your glutes, piriformis, and hamstrings. The 50-inches roller track travels along the bending direction of your spine. The roller starts at the neck and continues all the way down to the buttocks. The airbag on the chair will gently massage your shoulders, arms, waists, hips, calves, and feet. And with that, the excellent massage chair goes full circle and massages each and every square inch of your body.

The machine also allows you to reap the benefits of seated yoga. Upon entering the yoga functioning mode, the airbag will grab the peripheral regions of your body and slowly stretch your body. During this time period, you can listen to your favorite music by connecting the device to Bluetooth.
You can also adjust the position of the OOTORI zero gravity massage chair. The OTORI Massage chair recliner comes with three settings, and in each stage, the inclination of the chair is progressively increased. Once the chair reaches the level three sets, you will be lying fully supine on the chair. And at that time you will feel completely weightless. What’s more, the massage chair also comes with a 3D roller massage that makes you feel as though you were receiving a real massage.

The massage chair also comes equipped with a 3D roller massage, and this can make you feel as though you are getting a real massage. The well-built massage chair is designed for space efficiency and also offers ample leg extension.

Last but not least, there’s also an electric roller at the back.

Pros And Cons
Pros Cons
Comes with the latest SL-track feature Assistance needed to bring the heavy massage chair inside your home
Equipped with six automatic massage settings Heat massage is limited to specific regions of the body
No need to assemble
Option to listen to music over Bluetooth speakers

OOTORI Deluxe S-Track Massage Chair Recliner with 3D Robot Hand, Zero Gravity Full Body Air Massage, with Stretch Heating Vibrating Function(A600-Black)

The OOTORI Deluxe S-Track Massage Chair is the next one on our list. With a super S-track feature on the massage chair, the machine blends in perfectly with the human body curvature and gives a wonderful massage to shoulders, back, and waist area. The many airbags on the massage chair do a beautiful job of massaging all areas of your body. The entire experience is pleasantly surprising, and the person seated will feel like they are being massaged by real hands. The massage chair also comes with zero gravity feature and low-back heating.

Pros And Cons
Pros Cons
S- track feature makes the massage chair very compatible with the spine L -track option is missing
Different settings on the machine allow the user to easily find their ideal massage.
Comes with a 1- year warranty
The seat vibration feature on the massage chair undoes the effects of prolonged sitting.
Equipped with back wheels for added portability

Massage Chair by OOTORI,3D SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Massage Chair,Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chairs Recliner with Tapping, Heating, and Foot Roller Massager (Black).

Most modern massage chairs come with L-tracks these days, and the OOTORI Massage Chair SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity Massage Chair is no different. The massage chair is brilliantly designed and allows the rollers to actually hit the gluteal and piriformis muscles. This massage chair is an absolute god-send for people who suffer from sciatica. Moreover, the machine also comes with 3D Robert hand technology that makes massaging exciting and fun. The massage chair is popular among consumers because of how it melts away stress and tension. Giving your heart a well-deserved rest is easy with the zero gravity feature turned on, and the space-saving feature on the machine only adds to the brilliance of the machine. Other perks of getting the machine include using a shoulder-width adjustable and leg stretching.

The machine comes pre-installed with six auto programs that are designed to give you the best massage experience at home. Moreover, the machine also comes with three massage speeds and three levels of airbag massage intensity. Mechanical foot rollers on the massage chair do a wonderful job of activating your reflexology zones, while Bluetooth allows you to listen to music while getting a massage.

Pros And Cons
Pros Cons
Mechanical rollers do a great job of massaging your body L -track option is missing
Can help cure sciatica
Body scan feature present that allows the machine to easily detect when someone is seated.
Allows you to conveniently get massages at home
3D Massage System
Equipped with back wheels for added portability

Final Words

OOTORI massage chairs are a real game-changer. And after reading our OOTORI massage chair reviews, you should think so too. These excellent massage chairs help you relax and recover from muscle aches and are a great way of removing stress. After a busy day, nothing feels as good as relaxing and listening to your favorite music. And you get to enjoy all of this while getting an amazing massage. In our OOTORI massage review, we have covered the best three massage chair models in the market.

Our personal favorite is the OOTORI A600-Black, and if budget is not a problem, this is the model that’s best for you. What kind of experiences have you had with massage chairs? Let us know in the comment section below.