Based on the principles of an ancient bow, the gorilla bow is a revolutionary home and mobile gym that provides a full-body workout. This gorilla bow review is all about this modern, lightweight, and portable equipment that can perform all the gym activities without the help of any other heavy accessories.

For those who are not familiar, it is a strength training device with the design of the old bow and arrow system. It is helpful to build the body, lose weight, and reduce any pain of your body. Because of its lightweight and portability, you can carry it to your office, park, vacation, business trip, or anywhere you like.

It works by changing tension within a second and flows through the chest, leg, shoulder, and any area that you want to apply. Cutting edge resistance band technology has been applied in it to fit and build muscle by all the doable exercises.

Gorilla Bow Reviews: What Is the Gorilla Bow?

The resistance band set is very old model equipment for exercises. We do like it but it does not offer many features to workout. Now, when it comes to choosing portable strength training equipment, you do not have many options. Considering all these, the gorilla bow is a great tool for health enthusiasts.

Sometimes exercising might seem boring to you. Following the same routine and the same exercises is not the greatest thing to do. To keep your body in a good shape, new exercises and workouts are necessary and the gorilla bow can offer you a ton of options to perform at home or anywhere you like.

Using the resistance band in a new way, the gorilla bow has widened the range of exercising. Its workout system included full-body strengthening that provides positive flow to all around the body, not a specific muscle or area. The band can be stretched from hand to toe and will never get lose or decrease elasticity.

To combine the resistance band, an aircraft-grade aluminum bow has been set with it to increase or decrease the resistance. Just like a hunting bow, it is strong enough to create pressure on the applied areas of your body. For pulling in and back, sometimes you have to provide the maximum force. It does not matter how strong you are, this perfect exercise tool will give you the best workout.

As it is made for exercise, it does not follow a simple shooting pattern. The amount of strength that you are applying for stretching, slowly you have to bring it back. It ensures that you are not losing the pressure all of a sudden. You have to follow the same procedure for any muscle exercise.

As said before that you can stretch the band as much as you want. It offers you to perform any exercise like bicep curls, shoulder presses, triceps extensions, and squats. As an advantage, you can set four different bands at a time with the bow that enhances the level of the resistance.

The Parts of the Gorilla Bow

I hope you have gathered the idea of how this tool works and what you can do with it. In its construction, the bow and the band are the main parts that can be discussed.

The Bow

Aircraft quality aluminum (high tensile strength) has been used to make the bow. It is strong and lightweight as well. The total weight of it is 8lbs which means the bow weighted maximum of 5-6lbs.

It can handle any exercise that you want to perform with it. Without bending, it can hold up to 300lb force which is more than enough.

The Band

The resistance band is the second and last important part of the gorilla bow. It offers four different resistance levels; 10lb, 20lb, 32lb, and 45lb. They are made of 100% latex materials that confirm its strength. If you are allergic or have some issues with latex material then this is not a preferable tool for you.

For easy attach and detach, there is a flex-claw at both ends of the bands. As they are not attached, you can also use own band or additional band. By using all the four bands, you will gather a total resistance of 107lbs. So, there is no need for going to other exercise equipment ever.

What Are the Exercises That You Can Do with A Gorilla Bow?

There is no limitation of exercises, as well as their types. If you are a gym-going person, then you will find different tools for different exercises. But with a gorilla bow, you can perform a full-body workout.

It will be best if you made a weekly chart to cover the exercises that you want to do. Below we have listed a four-week exercise chart for you that you can perform with your gorilla bow.

Week One

Workout 1: Lying bench press, curls, squats, overhand bent over row.

Workout 2: Upright row, narrow stance squats, curls, close grip lying bench press.

Workout 3: Front shoulder raise, underhand bent over row, standing chest press, sumo squats.

Week Two

Workout 1: One arm row, lying one grip bench press, skull crush, overhead shoulder press.

Workout 2: Seated overhand row, curls, squats, Romanian dead-lift.

Workout 3: overhand curls, overhead shoulder press, upright row, lying bench press.

Week Three

Workout 1: Dead-lift, squats, lying bench press, overhead shoulder press.

Workout 2: Overhand bent over row, Romanian dead-lift, lying bench press, curls.

Workout 3: Seated underhand row, upright row, narrow stance squat, sumo squat.

Week Four

Workout 1: Underhand bent over row, dead-lift, lying bench press, behind head shoulder press.

Workout 2: One arm row, squat, lying wide grip bench press, curls.

Workout 3: Lying close grip bench press, narrow stance squat, seated overhand row, dead-lift.

By doing all these exercises, your calories will be burned and your body will get good shape. If you want or it requires, you can convert these four weeks into eight weeks.


  • Aircraft quality aluminum-made bow.
  • With the bow, four resistance bands included.
  • Come with a satisfying warranty period.
  • For storing the bands, there is a travel bag included with it.
  • Because of its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere.
  • It offers a workout opportunity for the whole body.



  • Though it is lightweight, it cannot be folded.


Final Verdict

This fitness equipment is very effective and it serves exactly what it is known for. The design of it is simple but very powerful for a complete body workout.

From squats to overhead pass, it is capable to do all the exercises. Not only at home, but you can also carry it to your office or any trip to maintain a balance of your daily exercise.

The biggest advantage of gorilla bow is that it never limits the options. As the resistance band is removable and you can attach any bands you like, this means you can perform any exercise you want. The gorilla bow is pure exercising equipment to burn some calories and keeps your body in perfect shape.