Cool Sculpting Reviews – Does Coolsculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical and popular option for body sculpting procedures like liposuction. Freezing the fat cells and leading them to death is the basis of this treatment. This is an ideal choice if you desire to demolish targeted stubborn fat from your body. CoolSculpting doesn’t respond to exercise and diet; you can enjoy this without mentioning them. The following article is more than a cool sculpt review, but the fundamentals of CoolSculpting that are required for possible candidates.

What Is Coolsculpting?

CoolSculpting, clinically named cryolipolysis is basically a fat loss procedure that includes the most possible cold temperatures and systematic soak to demolish fat cells. Many studies have proved that this amazing treatment destroys fat cells straightly under the skin.
CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, FDA approved treatment that freezes fat cells to death in a secure and efficient way. This treatment can help to lose up to 15% to 25% of the treatment area after every application. In most cases, patients are suggested to utilize CoolSculpting one to three times per area. Depending on different parts of the body, this process can range from 30 to 80 minutes each operation by particular applicators.
It seems essentially like a vacuum soaking up tissue and patients feel that a cold ice bar has been placed on the treatment area. The applicator makes the tissue very cold, which temperature is safe enough for the body and ideal to destroy fat cells permanently.

Best 3 CoolSculpting Machine for Home Use

1. Isavera Fat Freezing System

2. Freeze2Trim Ultimate Fat Freezing System

3. Vive Cold Therapy Machine

Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are two different procedures.
Your body weight is the sum of everything in your body, such as your bones, muscles, and organs. Weight loss can be defined as the sum loss of your whole weight, including muscle loss, fat loss, and water loss that your body contains.
Fat loss, the term clearly suggests that it is the loss of your body’s fat cells. The fat loss procedure leads you to fitness as it only removes stored fat. A fit person has a lower level of fat in his body. When we consider losing weight that means we are planning to reduce the water level, muscle, and other extra elements. Weight loss is a long process while fat loss a shorter process to attain fitness.

History of Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting has reached top-notch popularity due to permanent and efficient fat loss procedure. Millions of people worldwide have enjoyed the advantages of the procedure to look and feel better. Coolsculpting has an amazing history, but very few people know what that exactly. Even, many of the people who have used this revolutionary treatment don’t know how Coolsculpting has developed.
Two prominent doctors, from the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard School of Medicine, noticed that children who consume popsicles were bent on spreading dimples in the cheeks. Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. Rox Anderson later discovered that inflammation produces dimples. The inflammation is actually from the fat cells in the mouth. This finally led to a reduction of fat from freezing in the children’s cheeks. It opened a new door to the creation of fat freezing, clinically ‘Cryolipolysis’. Currently, Cryolipolysis is popularly known as Coolsculpting.
The development of this treatment is a continuous process. Associated doctors and researchers are always improving the process and enhancing efficiency. This healing process has approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009. In 2010, the private clinics got approval to sell CoolSculpting machines in the USA. More than 46 countries have approved CoolSculpting for safe fat loss treatment.

Coolsculpting Treatment

CoolSculpting is a safe and proven treatment for fat loss. Science has always proven and the background of CoolSculpting shows the maximum possibility to enjoy the highest result. If you’re considering CoolSculpting, it is important to analyze the cool sculpting review and get ideas about the treatment procedure.

Issues before the Coolsculpting Treatment

Fat cells can’t endure cold – this is the base of CoolSculpting. Consult your doctor and if he recommends, you can go for CoolSculpting. The procedure allows us to accurately target affected cells under the skin, and chill them to the lowest temperatures that confirm their permanent damage. It is scientifically Cryolipolysis, making fat cells frozen and dead. Fat tissues tend to chill faster than normal tissues and thus, surrounding tissues don’t face damage.
Over a few treatment procedures, the fat cells die and your body normally metabolizes and eliminates them. Exercise and diet can only reduce the size of fat cells, but CoolSculpting let fat cells go forever and there is no chance to come back. Each treatment session allows you to destroy about 20% of fat cells from the affected area. Additional treatment with CoolSculpting which is easy and simple will enhance the result.

Issues after the CoolSculpting Treatment

Most patients take a little recovery time after the treatment. There are minimal side effects and discomfort in the procedure and patients can return to normal life immediately after CoolSculpting. The treatment site looks red for a few hours after removing the applicator.
Not very common and severe, but you can experience tingling, itching, numbness to the touch. If you face nausea, strong cramping, diarrhea, and bloating for more than a week, consult your doctor.
Changes can be visible within three weeks after the treatment. Patients generally achieve incredible results after four to twelve weeks. Some patients report hardness, darkness, freeze burn, and discrete nodules on the affected area, though they are very rare.

CoolSculpting at Home (Honest Reviews)

The current craze of DIY fat loss program includes CoolSculpting at home. CoolSculpting is not a difficult procedure and you can perform it at home, but it is dangerous if you try this outside of the certified clinics. There are some notable reasons that are why you shouldn’t consider CoolSculpting at home.
‘Freezing fat cells’ and ‘targeted cold by CoolSculpting’ is not the same thing. CoolSculpting freezes the specific area and breaks down tissues. It occurs above the freezing area and doesn’t harm the surrounding tissues. The whole system is securely maintained so that skin, nerves, and muscle stay fine. You can’t control the temperature while you’re trying this at your home. Freezing fat cells with an ice pack can also freeze associated organs such as skin and muscles which is no doubt, quite harmful.
Performing CoolSculpting at home can provide more disadvantages than advantages. Attempting to cool fat cells is unsafe, though CoolSculpting is effective in most cases. DIY CoolSculpting requires the use of an ice pack on the affected area for a longer time. It can result in permanent harm to the blood vessels and can lead to tissue death or necrosis.
CoolSculpting is the only scientific method to reduce fat. You can find a lot of DIY ways to try at home, but they have rarely a scientifically proven background. CoolSculpting has been developed in a continuous process and proved to demolish fat securely and effectively. CoolSculpting has an efficient vacuum applicator that brings affected tissues nearer to cooling plates. The DIY method at home can’t perform this essentially.
If you think sometimes CoolSculpting works at home, but attractive results come only from a medical professional. A well trained aesthetic expert knows the CoolSculpting process correctly and how to use the applicators for better results. There is a great chance to harm yourself when you go to apply CoolSculpting without having enough knowledge.

Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is used to remove excess fat from different parts of the body. Lots of people are not happy with the physical structure and stubborn fats. They spend a huge amount of money and time in gyms and clinics for a solution. The modern discovery, CoolSculpting has become a life-changing procedure for those who are bored and unhappy with their over body fat.
CoolSculpting works, no chance to doubt, as it is a scientific method. Everyone is born with a specific amount of fat cells that breed until adolescence. If the amount is increased unrestrained, excess fat affects our daily life in various ways. Fat cells can’t tolerate targeted cold temperatures which result in their permanent damage. CoolSculpting ensures the death of these fats by freezing certain parts of the body.
CoolSculpting can’t ensure massive damage of your fat cells, but if you want to spend an adequate amount to fat loss, you can notably destroy ‘fat deposits’ after successive uses.

Researcher’s Opinion on CoolSculpting

Here, we will check some of the prominent researcher’s opinions on Coolsculpting.

The CoolSculpting technique originally received FDA clearance for treating fat on the stomach, hips, and thighs and utilized a relatively large applicator.

by- Hye-Chun Hur, M.D., M.P.H.

Cryolipolysis is a nonsurgical technique for localized fat reduction. With the increased risk of complications from more invasive methods such as liposuction, cryolipolysis presents a promising method for nonsurgical body contouring.

by- Michael T. Chung, M.D

CoolSculpting has revolutionized how plastic surgeons approach body contouring.

by- M. J. Castellon, M.D, FACS

Problems with Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting is mostly a competent medical procedure with many of advantages and a few disadvantages. Though CoolSculpting has been certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a safe treatment, still it has some side effects and problems. It is necessary to be informed of the problems with Coolsculpting if you’re going to utilize this procedure in your fat loss plan. Continue reading to know more.

Stinging, Aching, and Pain

Common problems of CoolSculpting are stinging, aching, and pain at the medication site. These sensations normally initiate immediately after treatment and continue up to two weeks after treatment. According to a study in 2015, the pain can last 2-10 days and go away itself without any additional medication.

Tugging Sensibility

CoolSculpting can cause a tugging sensation at the medication site. Your doctor will put two cooling panels on the treatment part that can lead one to three hours of pulling and tugging. It is not any serious complication and no additional treatment is required to heal it.

Temporary Problems

Other common problems with Coolsculpting include skin sensitivity, redness, bruising, and swelling. These are normal effects as the procedure applies safe and controlled cold temperature. You don’t need to worry about temporary problems, these go away by themselves.

Side Effects and Complications

CoolSculpting works for most patients, but the rare complication known as ‘fat freezing side effects’ can occur. Based on a number of CoolSculpting reviews, about 1% or more patients face this complication. In some cases, liposuction may be required to remove it.
It is also known as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a rare side effect but serious condition that can’t be disappeared itself. This works in a reverse way, fat cells raise larger rather than lesser. It is basically a cosmetic effect and it takes place in men.
CoolSculpting applies tissue’s controlled cooling to destroy extra fat cells. It reduces the treatment area, but sometimes the area becomes bigger after the process. The newly affected area doesn’t create any problem such as pain but looks enlarged. These unlucky patients need liposuction after a certain period of time. Some patients need several liposuctions, but the good thing it happens rarely.

Not Recommended for

CoolSculpting is not suitable for those who have the following conditions:

  • Cold Agglutinin Illness
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Cold Hemoglobulinuria

If you think you have these unexpected disorders, we recommend consulting your doctor before going to a cosmetic or plastic surgeon to perform the CoolSculpting. Every patient should know that CoolSculpting is not a solution for massive fatness or obesity; it is just a procedure to destroy small amounts of fat.

How Costly is CoolSculpting?

The treatment cost can vary from $500 to $4,500. Many reviews of CoolSculpting consider it quite costly; on average, patients pay $2,400. The associated issues to the cost are what parts you desire to treat. Each body part is considered as a distinct treatment area. For instance, if you consider treating your thighs, you need to treat two individual areas. You might need more than one treatment in a specific area.
CoolSculpting cost also depends on your service provider, the size of affected areas, and the condition of fat cells. Many clinics provide promotional offers, and you can reduce your costs by receiving them. However, make sure your CoolSculpting physician is experienced and expert.

Alternatives of Coolsculpting for Fat Loss

Destroying obtrusive body fat is a long process, and due to that many people look for faster and professional treatments. CoolSculpting is a professional and efficient procedure to lose fat, but there are some other alternative ways for fat loss.


It is popularly known as a non-invasive treatment. The high force ultrasound focuses on the affected area to remove fat cells underneath the skin. Fat cells get 56C, controlled temperature for a moment leads fat cells to death.


Vanquish ME is a fat loss procedure to safely demolish stubborn fat from your body. It breaks fat cells with the use of radiofrequency energy waves. The human body can carry fat cells away when they are broken and smaller. Patients need a few times treatment and they rarely face any side effects.


Cellutone trims down the waist circumference by annihilating the nearest pocket of fats. It breaks your fat cells with hundreds of vibrations per second. This procedure also improves the skin quality and animates the dermis.


Zerona leads your fat cells to vacate their contents. The fat turns out to be liquefied in this process. The liquefied portion is transferred to the outside through a pore shaped in the membrane of fat cells. Finally, it absorbs by the lymphatic function.

Common Q&A on CoolSculpting

Question 1 – Does CoolSculpting work on arms?

CoolSculpting is a competent way for demolishing fat cells in the arms. This non-surgical treatment was only available for love handles, abdomen, and thighs till 2017. Currently, many certified clinics are providing CoolSculpting for arms in a different price range. Depending on the arm’s condition, different applicators are applied. Each treatment can require about 30 minutes for the arms.

Question 2 – How to reach my fat loss goal with CoolSculpting?

Your CoolSculpting doctor will create a customized plan to reach you to your particular goals. The whole plan will depend on your current conditions. If you consider treating several parts of your body, you will need to consult your doctor a few times. The modern CoolSculpting technology can treat a specific area within 30-60 minutes. Sometimes, you can perform the treatment several times during one office visit. However, you must know that CoolSculpting takes time to meet your expectation with appealing results.

Question 3 – Does CoolSculpting hurt?

Generally mentioned, CoolSculpting is a painless treatment method. Some of the patients feel hurt depending on the treatment areas. During the treatment, the pain is very normal and not noticeable. After the treatment, patients can witness light pain along with swelling and itching. The pain can be vulnerable in some cases if you treat the abdomen.

Question 4 – How to speed up CoolSculpting results?

Most people intend to enjoy faster results from CoolSculpting. A better result depends on some essential processes; first of all, choose one of the best physicians. A professional physician is always aware of how to treat patients based on their health goals. Follow a planned diet to expedite CoolSculpting results, avoid fad diets. You can choose high protein and low-carb foods.

Question 5 – What does CoolSculpting feel like?

The first few moments can be a new experience for the patients. The treatment area under the cooling plate makes you feel intense cool. Some pulling can occur due to applied suction. At the moment, the treatment site usually goes frozen within 10 minutes. Many people work on a laptop, watch videos, or even read books during treatment. The massaged area can produce tingling sensitivity as well.

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