It is no secret that workplaces are full of stressful and tiring activities. That is why most corporations occasionally provide quick chair massages to workers during special events and retreats. So, why would companies spend millions of shillings on such occasions? Because studies have shown that chair massages improve focus, morale, and productivity. When staff members relax in these tiny yet effective tools at the middle of extremely busy days before resuming their duties, they portray clearer, calmer and stress-free minds. After spending adequate time researching and reviewing massagers we have discovered quite a lot of details about the devices. Read on for benefits of chair massage.

What is a Chair Massage?

Chair massage is a form of seated massage that focuses on your shoulders, back, neck and arms. It requires a short time and typically takes 10-15 minutes. Chair massage is done with clothes on and does not involve the use of any massage oil. You simply sit in a special chair and look down with your face resting in a cradle as you support yourself with your arms. With your neck and back completely relaxed the therapist uses Swedish massage moves to relieve muscle tension.

Benefits of Chair Massage

Relieve Built-up tension

Chair massage delivers a world of good to your body. If your work involves remaining hunched before a screen all day long, you are susceptible to serious and chronic back and neck pains. There is also the risk of developing wrist and arm problems occasioned by repetitive straining. Chair massage works out theses kinks relieving accumulated tension.

Improve Mental Health

The massage provides an effective way to overcome work-related stress and anxiety that build-up as you try to neat a deadline, come up with a solution or compile a report. If you realize stress is taking a toll on your, take a break, reach out for a massage chair and have a relaxing mid-day massage. You will be surprised by how effective it is at reducing stress, improving overall mood and replenishing your energy.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Research shows that chair massages accession an average of 6 percent reduction in blood pressure when used at least once per week. While this may not sound much, it is important to note that such a difference can make the difference hypertension and normal blood pressure. Consequently, achieving such a pressure difference without medication is commendable.

Increase creativity

If you want to increase creativity, all you need to do is rest your mind. Creative solutions play a crucial role in businesses. So, taxing your brain by continually pressurizing yourself to think is actually counterproductive. Chair massage calms your mind, allow you to withdraw from tasks at hand and recharge your creative mind.

Improves sleep

Some professions necessitate carrying your physical work with you in the evening. Work-related stress, therefore, can spill into other areas of life. That is why some workers are sleep deprived. Tired and sleepy employees are careless and rude. There is good news: Studies show that chair massage enhances restful sleep leading to well-rested workers who are not only focused but also efficient.


The benefits of chair massage are many. From providing relief from work-related strains to providing complete relaxation, this type of massage is a worthy treat for hardworking employees. Regardless of whether you are involved in heavy lifting or sitting before a screen for extended periods, chair massage will help you re-energize and heal your strained muscles.
The massage also provides many benefits to the organization as a whole; it boosts work morale, increase creativity and prevent problems associated with sleep deprivation. So, incorporate the chairs in your workplace on a regular basis and let your employees know that you care about their health and overall well-being.